Post-doctoral research: NT Godolphin House, Cornwall

This post-doctoral project, titled Creative interpretation of granite building conservation and restoration methods at Godolphin House, Cornwall, was funded through the AHRC’s Cultural Engagement Fund and supported by the National Trust and University of Exeter. The project ran from February to June 2016.


During the research, David produced an audio-visual record of Godolphin House and the surrounding landscape, created installations for the Cider House exhibition space, alongside a period of time masoning a granite lintel from local Tregonning ‘Sago Pudding’ Granite for the restoration of the East Shippons agricultural buildings. Throughout the process of making the lintel Godolphin volunteers and visitors were encouraged to engage with David, providing a rich contextual element to visitors’ understanding of how Godolphin was built and restored over time.


IMG_1138              2016-04-08 16.15.04

2016-04-08 16.26.59              2016-04-08 16.31.33